Unified Mission Management

One platform to plan and execute space missions with less time and cost


Continuum Space Systems Raises $3M to Modernize Space Mission Management

New Seed Investment Led by Prophetic Capital Partners to Power Enhanced Platform Capabilities for Growing Complexity and Scale of New Space Missions

Move Faster and Smarter Across the Entire Mission Lifecycle

Replace Multiple Disconnected Tools and Workflows with a Single System

Ideation & Design

Ideation & Design

Mission design and simulation

Build & Test

Build & Test

Supply chain, ground testing & validation

Mission Operations

Mission Operations

mission operations

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Analytics across the mission lifecycle

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Earth Constellation

A single spacecraft simulating the Arkisys Port which hosts multiple payloads at an altitude of 600 km Images Africa and discrete targets over North America. The port also communicates to a series of groundstations and a constellation in the Medium Earth Orbit at altitude of 10,000 km.

Free Return Mission
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Free Return

A spacecraft performs a transfer from a Low Earth orbit (250km) with a 28.5 deg inclination to a 0 deg inclination Geo synchronous orbit (35796 km) using the Moon’s gravity to assist with the maneuver, which is a more fuel efficient way of conducting the transfer.
Lunar Imaging
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Lunar Imaging

A constellation of 8 spacecraft in circular, polar orbits at an altitude of 300 km from the Lunar surface arranged in a Walker Star formation with 4 orbital planes and 2 spacecraft on each plane, image a few targets at the Lunar south pole.
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Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit

A spacecraft trajectory to simulate a near rectilinear halo orbit which is a periodic three dimensional orbit associated with one of the Langrange points. This is also the orbit that is chosen for the Gateway program.

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Low Thrust Transfer

A spacecraft performs a single long thrust maneuver simulated by an electric propulsion thruster to transfer from a 40 deg inclined circular orbit at an altitude of 500 km to a 90 deg inclined circular orbit at the same altitude.

Leverage Proven Technology Developed at JPL and NASA

Continuum was developed by scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Space access remains a key priority for aerospace and defense

The growing industry needs a comprehensive space mission platform

Continuum is uniquely positioned to meet this growing demand

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