Earth Intelligence and More

Sensing the Earth anywhere in the spectrum, or the space around us. Numerous new actors, from single satellites to constellations, in Low Earth Orbit or above, are deploying novel payloads to gain new insights into our Earth, atmosphere, and space around us.

Data and Communications

The proliferation of communication architectures leveraging space assets, to increase connectivity on Earth, between its people, infrastructure, brings new challenges in designing and operating these systems.


In-space Propulsion and Space Transportation

Mobility in space, between orbits and between planetary bodies, is becoming a critical infrastructure to serve the emerging space segments listed on this page, powered by new propulsion technologies. These new opportunities require novel approaches to designing, analyzing, and optimizing these activities in space.

In Space Services

Manufacturing, Assembly, Servicing and more
An ever increasing number of new business models translating Earthy industries are booming in space, from debris removal, refueling, repair, manufacturing in space. These new applications requires to solve a suite of technical challenges Continuum is ready to address.

Lunar and Beyond

The Lunar economy is set to boom, and new actors are aiming for the Moon, with orbiters and constellations to provide services to the rovers and landers that will build the backbone of the upcoming Lunar ecosystem. Continuum is your partner to reach the Moon. With new destinations in sight like Mars and Venus, these bold goals are accompanied by increasingly critical challenges.