Risk atlas

Risk Atlas

Risk Atlas is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to empower project teams with robust decision making and risk management capabilities. By centralizing risk identification, analysis, and mitigation strategies, Risk Atlas fosters seamless collaboration and enables effective navigation through project complexities, ensuring successful outcomes in the face of uncertainty.


Risk Atlas is Continuum’s latest Cloud software, born from the discipline of technical Risk Management, adapted from NASA’s risk management procedures. Risk Atlas however transcends risk management formalism. This solution drives companies to success, empowering all stakeholders with more visibility and a better decision making tool to navigate these extremely complex, costly, and risky space endeavors.

Knowledge Based, Analytics, and AI

The cloud-based and collaborative architecture of Risk Atlas seamlessly enables aggregating risk and mitigation data across the mission lifecycle. Aggregated data will organically build an industry-wide knowledge base, which combined with targeted AI/ML processes, will allow increased workflow automation and recommendations.

  • Trained extensively on reports by NASA, ESA, JAXA and industry
  • Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Failure Review Boards, Design Principles, Industry Standards
  • Leveraging foundational LLMs to locate relevant, actionable and sourced material assisting engineers, executives and teams for success
  • Ensures comprehensive and consistent risk analyses by diverse teams
  • Amplifies smart teams to go faster, farther, and more focused

Cloud software for deep tech

Data Security and Cybersecurity architecture designed to comply with:

  • NIST 800-53
  • DoD IL4 & IL5 (CUI)
  • ITAR requirements
  • Initial AI assistance to

Hosted entirely on AWS GovCloud

Risk Management Needs a Reboot or "Modernize Risk Management"

Team’s who ignore risk flirt with disaster

  • Consistently miss deadlines and over-run budgets
  • Make reactive, uninformed decisions that waste resources
  • Struggle to identify and mitigate threats, leading to project failures
  • Lose stakeholder confidence and suffer reputational damage

Antique risk management tools sabotage modern teams

  • Operate in silos, lacking visibility and collaboration across the organization
  • Rely on inconsistent, error-prone manual processes
  • Lack real-time, actionable risk insights for informed decision-making
  • Fail to integrate risk management into day-to-day operations

Huge Need: Recent anomalies and setbacks
5 teams experienced partial to total failures on their first missions

Attention VC's:

Are your portfolio companies fluent in assessing their risks, being aware of what they know and don't know, and leveraging these data into decision making? Do you have visibility you need?