About the Company

Established in 2021

Caltech LogoContinuum Space Systems (Continuum) is a Software-as-a-Service for space startup launched from the Mandala Space Ventures studio in Pasadena, CA. The service is based, in part, on technologies licensed from California Institute of Technology (Caltech), which is the parent company of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a NASA field center for robotic exploration of space. The total funding invested in the development of these tools, exceeds $40-50M by NASA over multiple decades. These tools are flight proven and are what NASA/JPL use to design and navigate missions across our Solar System. Indeed, Caltech is an equity holder in Continuum at 3% of founding shares. The technical team of Continuum also comes from JPL and has relevant experience gained on missions including Cassini at Saturn, Europa Clipper, missions to the Moon, Mars, Earth constellations and more. Continuum has also developed unique, internal IP to glue these tools together into a common, Enterprise software platform. The currently offered services are focused on Space Mission Ideation & Design, Navigation, Trajectory Optimization and more. 



To accelerate space exploration for the benefit of humanity. We provide ‘picks & shovels’ to the emerging space entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to provide today’s space operators with better tools and technology that reduce the inefficiencies commonly found in planning, designing and executing space missions. We aim to serve the growing space industry by enabling teams to focus on their core competencies and advance the potential of space exploration and commercialization.


Meet the Team

Marc Fagan


Marc Fagan is an exceptional aerospace and tech-focused executive with a proven record of founding, building, and growing technology businesses and directing programs of innovation for Global Fortune 1000 companies…

Dr. Loic Chappaz


Loic is a specialist in Mission Design – Trajectory Design and Optimization – Constellation Design. Loic leads the development of Continuum’s platform and also served as Principal Engineer at Mandala Space Ventures…

Nick Tabbal

Chief Customer Officer

Nick is responsible for managing meaningful relationships with commercial customers and partners as well as government customers for Continuum Space Systems. He has deep experience in commercializing…

Brad Steer

Chief Revenue Officer

Brad has over 30 years of Senior Executive, operational experience successfully executing in Start-up, VC backed, Private equity and Large corporate companies. His specialty in efficient & effective, market tested, GTM strategy …

Dr. Leon Alkalai


Mandala Space Ventures was founded in 2021 by Dr. Leon Alkalai, a 31-year veteran and Fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology….

Dr. Sonia Hernandez​


Sonia is a specialist in Mission Design and Navigation – Maneuver Design – Formation flying and constellations. Prior to joining Continuum…

Dr. Alena Probst


Alena is an expert in Mission Architecture, Mission and Spacecraft Design, with a focus on interplanetary science missions. 

Niharika Patel

Platform Architect Lead

Niharika is a specialist in Mission Design and Navigation – Maneuver Design – Formation flying and constellations. Niharika’s focus is on mission systems modeling and design, operations, and…

Steve Armstrong


Stephen is currently developing mission operations capabilities at Continuum Space. He is expanding his team, so If you are interested in working with him, please reach out.

Chris Manna

Lead Full Stack Developer

Chris as Lead Full Stack Developer, owns the Continuum platform software development and has expertise essential to building the full-stack application at the core of Continuum’s Space Mission platform.

Sameer Talnikar

Flight System Engineer Lead

Sameer is a Spacecraft Design & Systems Engineer – Mechanical Design. Sameer has been leading the spacecraft design systems for Continuum’s platform, previously with his role with Mandala Space Ventures.

Matt Dow

Space Systems and 3D

Matt is a specialist in data visualization for aerospace systems and orbital dynamics. Matt’s focus is the 2D and 3D visualization of any mission data from the very beginning of the mission design process…

Chandler Clemons

Finance & Data Science

Chandler oversees Finance and Data Science. A trained econometrician and data scientist, Chandler focuses on helping founders successfully bring their ideas to market through both technical development…

Nick Orsay

Director Sales Operations

Nick is a driven sales operations professional with many years of industry-leading success in forward-moving companies. Successfully addressing salesforce database management challenges and enabling robust reforms…