Announcing the launch of Continuum Space Early Adopter Program (CSEAP23)

We are excited to announce the launch of Continuum Space’s Early Adopter Program. We launched this program specifically for space industry members like you to gain early access to our platform for managing mission ideation and design, including simulation and optimization. Learn more about the features joining CSEAP23 provides.

Ideation and Design

Our space design and operations software allows you to design, model, simulate, and plan your mission all from one globally accessible, cloud based platform. Our platform is flight proven allowing customers to leverage previously bespoke NASA & JPL technology combined with commercially developed Continuum IP.

Capabilities of Space as a Service

From single spacecraft to constellations, to LEO or Cis-Lunar, to chemical or electric propulsion plans, our software is one centralized platform from design & plan to build & test to daily mission operations from launch to end of life.

Learn more about the Continuum Space Early Adopter Program (CSEAP23) and check your eligibility by clicking the button below to connect with a member of the Continuum team today.

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